Somewhere In The Crowd

Release Date: 2014-02-04
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Description of the Album

Sandra’s first album “Somewhere In The Crowd” celebrates her 15th career anniversary.

Going back to her origins, Sandra invited her former band mates Ricardo Gaspar e Eduardo Maduro to record drums and bass guitar, giving this single and the whole album the pureness of real drums and real bass guitar, along with her already famous guitar and vocal sounds.

It blends many different styles and many influences, all brought together in a unique album that’s also a time machine through Sandra’s first experiences with music.

Track listing:

1. Everything’s Ok

2. Blinded

3. Quest

4. Carry On (single)

5. Bad Situation

6. Leaving Home

7. Who’s The Fool

8. U Still R

9. Tentativa No 2

10. Why?! (single)

11. Somewhere In The Crowd

12. Which Way

13. Anjo Negro

14. Empty Streets

15. Prisão De Sonhos (single)