New Release Coming Up!

5 years ago, I was just getting started on my musician full time career. And as every songwriter, I was eager to share my music with the world. So I decided to put together an EP with 5 original compositions, all by myself.

It was a roller coaster of emotions, and a landmark on my artist career. It’s a very intimate and personal work, because it was made entirely by me, song-writing till master, recordings and even graphic design.

Many times artists look at their first releases with scorn and even a bit of shame. Because of course, we’re so much better and more evolved today, and we would never release such work today, God forbid!

I don’t think like that. I see things that could have been done better yes, but always keeping in mind what I knew and my conditions back then. And so, I look at all my past works with love, fondness and a smile on my face.

And you guys too. You, that follow me, that sing “lalaia” so many times with me, live or online. What’s coming on December 5th is for you.

If you’re not already, please follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook, as I’ll be posting more news soon.